Demo Reel (2018)

Samples of my work from Arc Productions, Toonbox and Rocket Science. Getting the armour to shrink down in the first shot involved lots of techniques and exploration. I love the challenge of getting an animation or effect to look just right, then pushing it just a little bit further so that it sells the emotion or action in the scene.

Demo Reel (2016)

This demo reel showcases samples of my work from Arc Productions and Rocket Science VFX.

Don Flamenco Macabre (2015)

In my final student film, I challenged myself to animate a dance, and complement it with a fluid and dynamic costume. The time spent experimenting with different techniques and visual research was well worth it.

Oops-zilla (2014)

This is my first complete student film. It's early work, but I will always be proud of the storytelling and the play on a virtual set vs. physical soundstage.